What is the BNP?

BNP is a non-profit, religious organization, joyfully committed to serve the people of God from all walks of life. It is a unique movement that carries a special ingredient called LOVE. With this, we are one step closer to achieving salvation of mankind. This is our mission – to bring souls back to God. For thirty-seven years now, we’ve continued to proclaim His message of love across the nations. You will hear it in the testimonies of the people who have experienced the beauty of the BNP movement. Peace, harmony and fulfillment through knowing Christ, has touched thousands of lives all throughout the four corners of the world. This is a strong indication that the BNP has a challenging and rewarding future for the people of God. We have many highly dedicated staff and members who can assist and freely offer their services, which cannot be found in today’s modern world. We are all called to focus our efforts for the continuity of advocating the great mission of salvation that God has planned for the world.


What is the Youth Ministry?

The BNP Youth Ministry is a wholly committed entity that strives to reach out to all the young people in the world, to share the priceless gift, which God has given us.  The youth plays a significant role in the history of mankind.  They will be our future leaders.  Today’s society has neglected to listen to their voices.  We must give them a chance to prove their identity.  Let us give them the attention and the support they need for they will carry the weapon to make it possible to change the world for the better.  With the proper foundation, guidance & training, about God and His teachings, they can begin to live His way of life.  This is the challenge we now face.  God wants us to show the young adults that we can properly mold them into defenders of faith and great leaders of tomorrow.  We must start now for tomorrow may be too late.  We ask you to join this beautiful ministry where we can walk hand in hand to sacrifice everything for the glory of God.  With love as our sword, faith as our shield, salvation as our armor, together let us strive to become the best soldiers of Christ!


The Banal Na Pag-aaral Mission

The mission of the BNP is to make known the divine message of salvation to all people through retreat classes and apostolic work.  The members of the BNP share a unique spiritual experience through the Holy Spirit’s special and unmerited grace, culminating in a complete transformation of their lives from a life of sinfulness to holiness, from doubt to certainty, from ignorance to faith, from indifference to a loving and faithful commitment to live under the grace of God.



For those who went to Rome during the summer, welcome back and thank you for all the inspirational stories that you brought back with you!

Invites are still open for this retreat which will be for young women and men, ages 14-24.

If you have any candidates please have them fill out the RSVP forms ASAP.

If you have any friends, family, coworkers, strangers, enemies that you would like to invite to the retreat and share in this special experience with God, please fill out the online RSVP form.

We also have open slots for those from the youth whom want to serve in this retreat. If you want to serve please contact Simon Raymundo so that he can add you to the list.

Spiritual preparation for the retreat will be announced to all the servers that sign up and all servers will need to be spiritually prepared in order to serve this retreat.

That she may have the strength and courage from God to continue in the mission and to help bring people back to God.

He passed away on September 13th, 2008. He is a proud father, husband, brother and servant of God.

Please pray for the repose of his soul.

He was a loving husband, father and grandfather who also served in the NY Chapter, loved for his bright humor and outgoing personality. He is dearly missed.

Please pray for the repose of his soul.

She has been fighting cancer for a few years and was cancer free for a while. Her cancer recurred late last year and she is undergoing chemotherapy.

Please pray for her continued recovery.

After fighting cancer for 10 years with very limited treatment and full faith in God, she had passed away on Tuesday October 17th at 11am.

She was a very devout servant of God and served God faithfully through the BNP for over 30 years.

She will be missed as a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a coworker, a servant and as someone who always wanted to help anyone in need.

Please include her in your prayers that she spend her eternal life with Our Father in heaven.

Had passed away on October 16th at around 9pm in Carson, CA. He had been fighting with several illnesses but was alright until he had a massive stroke on October 12th.

After being brain dead for a few days the doctors along with the family decided to leave him into God's hands.

Please pray for his family and that his soul be purified in order to pass through the gates of heaven.

She passed away on September 26th at around 5pm after having a heart attack earlier that morning.

Dolores had been fighting cancer and seemed to be on a road to recovery when she suffered a heart attack and was put on life support for a few hours, where she passed away not too long after.

Please pray for her soul that God may grant her passage into His kingdom.

He passed away on September 22nd in his rest. He is a big part of the BNP community in Michigan and played a big role in bringing the BNP to Michigan.

Please pray for his family and that his soul be granted eternal rest with God the Father.

He passed away on August 8th from liver cancer.

Please pray for his family and that his soul rest in peace with God.

She was a long time staff in Washington and passed away on August 30th.

Please pray for her family and that she may be in paradise with God.

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